TOOWi Wellness offers heart-based wellness, coaching, and therapy services.

Formerly branded as Newleaf Wellness Co., this practice established in 2011 has grown to include the production of media around origin stories.

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Wellness Sessions

Wellness sessions offer a safe space to address life’s challenges and identify solutions to move to new levels of health and happiness. 

Collaborative, compassionate, and healing-focused, these sessions are available for individuals, couples, and families. All wellness services feature an integrated care approach, which address the health of the mind/body and spirit.

90 minute session minimums for couples and families.

Rates ( ~ $175  p/ hour )

Sliding scale rates based on income are available for those without insurance, as well as payment plans.

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Recovery Consultation

Begin the recovery journey with an 90 minute assessment provided by an experienced addictions professional. This session is focused on providing family members information on the crisis of addiction, treatment options, and strategies to empower ‘next-steps’ in a family’s recovery.

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~ $350  per/session



This blend of insight-oriented coaching and deep work will help you cultivate the compassion and courage needed to realize true goals. Explore personality, patterns, and motivations behind roles, relationships, and core desires.  

Coaching is available for individuals, couples, and teams seeking to build heart-centered collaborative cultures. Inquire about group rates.

~ $175 p/hr

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Sliding scale rates and payment plans available. Click HERE to get started with a free 10 minute phone consultation


Four Agreements Recovery Group

We’ve all fallen short despite giving our best. Perhaps our best wasn’t good enough for our spouse, partner, family, boss, business. Maybe we’ve failed ourselves. What then? Can we ever recover our time, energy, trust, and dignity?…

Join a group seeking to cultivate a path of healing, self discovery, and growth. Led by an experienced group facilitator and expert in coaching through The Four Agreements, this group is designed to get you back to your true center again. Address fears, trust, relationships, roles, and boundaries. And do so while building a tribe. 

Groups meet Sundays mornings, run 6 weeks, and launch as they fill.

Email jerry@toowiwellness.com to get on the list.


10 Depot Street – Suite 100

Collinsville, Connecticut, 06019

p.  (860) 451-9307   



TOOWi was founded with the mission of empowering health and happiness through heart-centered wellness and media services.

TOOWi is an acronym that stands for “To Open Opportunities Within” 

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